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A Private Therapeutic Educational Program for Children & Adults with Cognitive, Behavioral and/or Developmental Disabilities. Our staff of teachers & therapists are trained to equip each individual with the skills they need to succeed. ENROLL TODAY

Life Skills Development

Our adult day services program offers basic living and life skills development in group and individual settings...

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Therapy Sessions

Individual, group, and family counseling for challenging children who are who are in need of social skills training, grief, anger...

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Free Educational Support

SJA values you & your child as part of our local community, thus we provide educational support at no charge to you...

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Janie Needs Your Donation

Janie’s mom has a full-time minimum wage job. Mom said, “I am always broke”!

Janie is diagnosed with Attention Deficit – Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and she is failing in school.

Mom wants Janie to receive training and counseling on how to improve her concentration and increase her school grades.

Mom just can’t afford to pay for the additional educational support. She knows that Janie can benefit from summer school, summer camp and afterschool tutorial.

Janie Gets Help - Spencer James Academy (SJA):

SJA is a not-for-profit therapeutic school program for children like Janie. SJA offers afterschool tutorial, summer school and camp. Our services are free of charge to parents or guardians; so Janie’s mom does not have to worry about the money.

SJA combines the best practices in educational interventions, along with mental health services, to help Janie learn techniques and coping skills to manager her hyperactivity and concentrate on her school work; thereby improving her grades.

SJA is designed for children with moderate to severe mental and/or emotional problems that impedes their abilities to learn and function well at home and in school.

You Can Help Janie:

Your tax-deductible donations will help the many Janie’s in Broward County. The cost of Janie’s teachers, transportation, school supplies, lunch, snacks, camp trips and activity fees will be off-set by your contributions.

Please donate on-line using the box on the right or make you check out to Spencer James Academy and mail it to 817 North Dixie Highway * Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 * Tel: 954.785.8285

Contact Info

Spencer James Academy
817 North Dixie Highway
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060

Phone: 954-785-8285
Fax: 954-858-5718
Email: info@spencerjamesacademy.org

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In order to maintain our free educational support, your tax-deductible donations are always welcome. The Academy is always in need of cash assistance and school supplies.

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Therapeutic Educational Program

Spencer James Academy (SJA) is a private therapeutic school which services children in kindergarten to 5th grade. SJA combines the best practices in educational interventions, along with mental health services, for children who's moderate to severe mental and/or emotional problems impede their abilities to function in mainstream school.

These children are often failing in academics and are constantly being removed from their classrooms or suspended from their schools.

SJA strives to provide a stimulating environment in which each child can develop lifelong skills and a love for learning. We are dedicated to high, ethical standards of behavior, including honesty, integrity and respect for one another.

The Mission

To assist children with mental, emotional and behavioral problems in achieving their greatest social, emotional and educational potential.

Core Values and Principles

  • Strengths-based and individualized
  • Family-driven and youth-guided
  • Coordinated across systems and services
  • Connected to natural helping networks
  • Data-driven and outcome-oriented
  • Culturally and linguistically competent
  • Utilization of Wraparound Services to link children and families to services that will assist them in reaching their goals.

Parent's Information & Resource Center, Inc.

Spencer James Academy is a division of The Parent's Information & Resource Center, Inc. (PIRC).

  • In 1992, PIRC was incorporated as a not-for-profit (501C-3) organization in the State of Florida.
  • PIRC provides outpatient mental health care to adults and children.
  • PIRC is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) to provide outpatient mental health treatment.
  • PIRC services are funded via government grants, Medicaid, Medicare Part A & B, Private Insurance and sliding fee scales.

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